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I hold a Master’s degree in Logic, Philosophy, and History of Science attained at the University of Florence. Specifically, I graduated with a thesis discussing the concept of mereological harmony together with ontological cases study emerging from its violation such as extended simples and unextended complexes. I obtained my Bachelor in Mathematics at the University of Padua presenting a thesis on the Noether theorems. I was a visiting student at the University of Geneva where I was invited by Professor Claudio Calosi to join the project The Metaphysics of Quantum Objects which he leads. My studies are devoted to analytical metaphysics and ontology. Precisely, I am delving into the metaphysical possibilities of extended simples and unextended complexes and their admissibility within different theories of quantum gravity.


CFCUL/ Ciências ULisboa

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Analytic Metaphysics, Metaphysics of Science, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Physics, Aristotelian branch of Renaissance philosophy, specifically in the works by Pietro Pomponazzi,

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