Vidushi Pathak

I’m Vidushi Pathak, PhD candidate at CFCUL at the University of Lisbon advised by Drs. Anna Ciaunica and Sofia Teixeira on the project The Interacting Self – from Self-consciousness to Social interactions in Humans and Artificial Agents.
I am fascinated by how we make sense of the world around us. Specifically, I am interested in researching social interactions and our sense of self through others using the predictive processing approach. For a better understanding, I intend to combine techniques of neuroscience, philosophy and AI to research these topics. In addition to this, I am also interested in the themes of meditation and reality research. I finished my master’s in Cognitive Neuropsychology at the Vrije University Amsterdam and then I was hired as a junior scientist for two years to work on sleep and cognition related projects with EEG and behavioural measures at the Sleep and Memory Lab, University of Amsterdam in collaboration with the European Space Agency, The Netherlands. I am driven to support open science frameworks, decentralised science and in developing better structure for inclusion of minoritized population in science.
When I’m not busy making sense of the world with science, I like to explore my many environments with sports, dancing, art and discussing social issues. You can reach me at (insert Institutional email id). I use she/her/they/them pronouns.



Áreas de Interesse:

Embodiment and social interactions in human and artificial agents, cultural differences in the sense of self, consciousness, predictive processing,

Curriculum Vitae: