Comunicação Internacional
A strong nomological interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Towards a theory of physical encoded information
International Conference in Pilot Wave Theory + HQA2021
Organização:  CFCUL
30 / 07 / 2021

Since 1927, the year Niels Bohr idealism prevailed over Louis de Broglie realistic insights, that Quantum Mechanics has been the object of several interpretations to understand atomic behavior. However, any effort to reinstate our rational way of thinking about quantum phenomena seems to fall back into an idealistic way of portrait the wave entity. In recent years, a nomological interpretation (nomos meaning law-like in Nature) has been proposed by the Bohmian School. Although particles are to exist at all times, their law-like guiding wave is still an elusive entity, only acting in the theory as a mathematical object, devoid of any real physical existence.
In my talk I wish to challenge the unavoidability of this separation between a nomological approach to quantum nature and the realistic existence of quantum waves. In short, I will propose that a quantum wave, as the particles within it, do exist at all times and that the wave encodes all possible cinematic behaviors of its guided particles. I will thus suggest that Quantum Mechanics is a second order physical theory about Nature. A theory about encoded physical information, where the regular behaviors commonly summarized in the “laws of Nature” are an emergent result from the information encoded in quantum waves.

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