Coloniality and Expropriation: from raw to symbolic extraction
Organização:  ICI Berlin 
ICI Berlin, Berlim, Alemanha
27 / 09 / 2021

In my talk and having as starting point Rosa Luxemburg’s The accumulation of capital (1913), I will come back to what I consider three fundamental aspects regarding the current debates on extractivism and neo-extractivism. First, one cannot dismiss the persisting coloniality when facing the question of the ecological crisis. Second, the persistence of coloniality and of extractivist practices is necessarily related to other than just raw-material extraction activities, and they always imply a set of operations regarding other forms of extraction – for example, a cognitive or epistemic extractivism (cf. Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui). Third, if the production of situated narratives – the importance of “telling stories” (cf. Ailton Krenak) – will not save us from cataclysm, they must be considered as an important part of the anti-colonial and survival struggle, both by reopening our limited, monocultural, and colonized imaginaries, and by engaging with other forms of knowledge that will become crucial to our survival.

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