Comunicação Internacional
The Quest for the Ontic Nature of the Quantum Waves
International Conference in Pilot Wave Theory + HQA2021
Organização:  CFCUL
27 / 07 / 2021

In the history of physics, the quest for the ontic nature of some theoretically proposed entities has a long tradition. In the end, the question was and is, whether some of these proposed entities do have a real physical nature or, on the contrary, are mere conceptual helpful tools.
It is common knowledge, for those familiar with the history of science, that the more pragmatic research traditionally maintains that the question for the elucidation of the nature of the proposed theoretical entities is not a relevant issue. From the advent of modern science to present times these rough controversies have played an important role in the development of science. Presently we are faced with another of these controversies, related with ontic nature of the quantum waves. Orthodox quantum mechanics, claims that quantum waves, solution to the Schrödinger equation, are conceptual tools, mere probability waves devoid of any physical reality. De Broglie and his nonlinear causal school sustain that quantum waves, or as they may now be named, subquantum waves, guiding waves, pilot waves, empty waves, zero-point field waves, theta waves, de Broglie waves, stand for the description of something having real physical existence.
Now, just as before, to the great majority of physicists, having a more practical pragmatic attitude before science, this controversy, on the ontic nature of the quantum waves, whether they are mere probability waves or, on the contrary, do have physical reality, is without any sense. They say that they don’t care, because the issue is not relevant to do the actual quantum calculations.
We believe that the clarification of the nature of the quantum waves is a very important issue. If indeed quantum waves do have real physical existence, as some experiments seem to indicate, then a whole new universe of theoretical and technological possibilities will open.

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