Comunicação Internacional
The Restructuration of Sociomaterial Assemblies: An Evo-Devo Approach To Musical Change
Luis Alejandro Villanueva, Cristina Villegas
Organização:  European Philosophy of Science Association
Kolarac People's University Building, Belgrado
21 / 09 / 2023

Cultural evolution studies have recently advocated for overcoming the informationist framework that prevailed for decades by introducing aspects of material culture and embodied cognition. This has enhanced analogies with new fields of evolutionary biology that go beyond classical population genetics, especially evolutionary developmental biology (evo-devo). However, evo-devo models of cultural evolution are still underdeveloped. In this talk, we present an evo-devo model of music change as the result of a restructuration of the reproductive mechanisms of musical traditions. Our model overcomes some of the shortcomings of understanding music as an abstract capacity based on the mental processing of acoustic information.

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