Eco-Empathy Performance Event
EPTC - Escola Profissional de Teatro de Cascais
09 / 06 / 2022

9 de Junho, 10h-13h
EPTC – Escola Profissional de Teatro de Cascais

Evento coordenado por Graça Corrêa (CFCUL/GI3) e desenvolvido pelos estudantes-artistas da Escola Profissional de Teatro de Cascais (EPTC) e o Teatro Experimenbtal de Cascais (TEC).

Empathy marks the ongoing need by human beings to understand the complexity of how we experience the world and, in turn, of how we may conceive the others’ experience of the world. Included in the New European Bauhaus Festival 2022, the Eco-Empathy Performance Event aims at contributing to a better understanding of ecology in its multiple dimensions through the performing arts. It consists of a showcase of short theatre performances, informed scientific readings, participatory debates and presentations given by student-artists on diverse empathic-ecological topics. The Eco-Empathy Event was prepared through a 3 weeks workshop on empathy towards otherness.

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