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My research to date in philosophy of mind and cognitive science focuses on the relationship between (a)typical forms of self-consciousness, embodiment and social interactions in human and artificial agents. My PhD thesis ‘Physicalism and Qualia’ tackled the mind-body problem and was awarded by the University of Burgundy, Dijon, France. During my first postdoctoral assignments in Switzerland and Portugal I have examined the link between disrupted sense of self, (dis)embodiment and social connectedness in conditions such as Autism, Möbius Syndrome and Depersonalization Disorder. I am currently the Principal Investigator of three interdisciplinary projects. (1) The first looks at the relationship between altered sense of self and social alienation in Depersonalisation. (2) The second examines self-consciousness and social interactions in human and artificial agents. In my work, I combine conceptual resources from philosophy of mind and the phenomenological tradition with experimental methods from psychology and cognitive neuroscience; (3) The third looks at the multisensory modulation of the sense of self through bodily movements and action observation in depersonalisation and psychedelic experiences. I am also co-PI of a project looking at the relationship between dreams, sense of self, and self-detachment in clinical depersonalisation (with Dr Helge Gillmeister as PI). And a research team member of a project led by Dr Jane Aspell and Dr Bigna Lenggenhager exploring the sense of bodily self and dreams in depersonalisation.

I am the main coordinator of the Network for Embodied Consciousness and the Arts (NECTArs) – a collaborative platform bringing together artists, researchers, stakeholders, policy makers and people with lived experiences, aiming at fostering creative approaches to timely issues such as self-awareness and (dis)embodiment in our hyper-digitalized world.

I am Associated Editor for the journal Philosophical Psychology.



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(A)typical forms of self-consciousness, embodiment and social interactions in human and artificial agents,

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