Carla Feliciano \

I am a Portuguese Science Person in Philosophy of Sciences. I graduated in Laboratory Biomedical Sciences, and I have a master’s degree in Molecular Biology. In 2022, I started my PhD in History and Philosophy of Sciences. My work experience in Molecular Biology includes Immunogenetics, Hematopoietic Chimerism, Apoptosis and HIV Infection, miRNA studies in Autism, and Hemoglobinopathies. In 2020, I joined the Portuguese genomics network SARS-Cov-2 (Consortium). I love hiking, thinking and listening to music (sometimes the three at once!)


Ciências ULisboa / Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge

Áreas de Interesse:

Philosophy of Life Sciences (Molecular Biology and Data Sciences in Biomedicine and Precision Medicine), Artificial Intelligence and Brain Emulation, Knowledge, Consciousness, Epistemology and Ethics,

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 Membro Integrado Não Doutorado

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Filosofia das Ciências da Vida,

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