Gonçalo Martins \ goncalobmart@gmail.com

Gonçalo Martins has a background in biochemical engineering and environmental biology and he is interested in, and motivated by, all the philosophical and historical issues concerning these topics, and their intersections with physics, thermodynamics and systems complexity. He concluded his Master on History and Philosophy of Sciences with the dissertation “The Holism/Reductionism Debate in Ecology: Towards a Middle-way Approach”, focused on Philosophy of Ecology. He is currently preparing his PhD dissertation “The Possibility of a Process Philosophy of Ecology”. He is especially interested in systems and process metaphysics, and also in ontology, historicity and self-organization of dynamic systems such as ecosystems.


Ciências ULisboa

Áreas de Interesse:

Metaphysics, Epistemology, Phenomenology, Processes, Systems, Ecology, Developmental Biology, Evolutionary Theory, Thermodynamics, Complexity, Information theory, Environmental Philosophy,

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