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I’m very much motivated by all issues pertaining to Cosmopolitanism, but right now I’m especially interested in how (1) sociocultural identity, (2) value pluralism, (3) the globalizing process, and (4) expressions of moral cosmopolitanism relate to each other. My own approach to these issues often builds on the insights from the sciences of Ethics, in particular from Evolutionary Biology, Human Behavioural Ecology, Moral Developmental Psychology, Evolutionary Game Theory, and Sociocultural Anthropology. This is the website for the FCT research project to which I contribute with these studies:

I’m also interested in how evolutionary theories and cognitivist approaches to Science can shed some light on our understanding of its predictive success as a natural phenomenon. My MPhil’s aim was to demystify the so called “Darwin’s horrid doubt” & “Wallace’s paradox” (which isn’t really a paradox), and like-minded wonderings. Naturalism and Scientific realism quite often become promiscuous partners as I read and write on these matters. My next step in this line of research is at the intersections of Cognitive Anthropology and Naturalistic Metaphysics: I wish to understand how cognitive & sociocultural evolution bear on the Metaphysics of Science.

I probably won’t say no to requests to review papers tackling any of these issues. Feel free to ask!


University of Bristol | FLUL

Áreas de Interesse:

Scientific Realism, Naturalism, Unity of Science, Relational Metaphysics, Evolution of Cognition, Cosmopolitanism, Sciences of Ethics,

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