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I’m doing my PhD at the University of Bristol, working under the supervision of Samir Okasha. In the past few years, I’ve been studying the Sciences of Ethics and pondering on their metanormative and first-order normative implications. I’m particularly interested in recent work from cross-cultural moral psychology and experimental metaethics that has shed doubt on our understanding of morality as a unified phenomenon. As well as in the hypothesis that the typical way the Western canon of moral and political philosophy understands morality, far from being a human universal, is a WEIRD phenomenon – a product of cultural evolution and of the development of our norm psychology.
I’m also very much motivated by all issues pertaining to cosmopolitanism. At present, my main interest in this topic is in trying to understand the ways in which the moral cosmopolitan project may either be facilitated or hindered by sociocultural and other environmental conditions. In particular, I’m exploring the nature of normative diversity found worldwide and how cosmopolitanism may accommodate it, as well as the possibility of designing cultural institutions that would have the long-term effect of shaping our psyches into becoming more cosmopolitan.
Beyond this, I have broad interests in the realism debate and naturalistic and pragmatist approaches, which often become promiscuous partners in my work.
I probably won’t say no to requests to review papers tackling any of these issues. Feel free to ask!


University of Bristol | CFCUL

Áreas de Interesse:

Scientific Realism, Naturalism, Unity of Science, Evolution of Cognition, Cosmopolitanism, Sciences of Ethics,

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