Liberty Severs \

Liberty is a PhD student at the Faculty of Sciences (University of Lisbon) and fellow on the ‘Interself’ project at the Centre for the Philosophy of Science (CFCUL). Her research is deeply interdisciplinary, and works on topics at the intersection of philosophy, psychology and neuroscience. The primary focus of her research is on theoretical and empirical issues within consciousness science, including the explanatory scope of the Bayesian brain hypothesis, embodied cognition and the social dimensions of the self. She uses a combination of novel methods and technologies to interrogate these topics, such as virtual-reality and sensor-based wearables, computational modelling, eye-tracking and neuroimaging techniques.


Ciências Ulisboa

Áreas de Interesse:

Consciousness science, neurophenomenology, embodiment, agency and volition, adaptive behavioural control, human-robot interaction,

Situação no CFCUL:

 Membro Integrado Não Doutorado