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Integrating HPS in Practice. Towards a Database of Intellectual History
19 / 02 / 2024 - 23 / 02 / 2024
Ciências ULisboa, Sala 6.2.43 e Videoconferência
Integrating HPS in Practice. Towards a Database of Intellectual History

For the past seven years, we have been growing an international community attempting to produce theories about how scientific theories, methods, questions, and practices change over time. We call this project scientonomy, as we are especially interested in discovering regularities (nomos) in the development of knowledge (scientia). Our community has pursued this goal collectively through collaboration amongst philosophers, historians, and social scientists of various stripes. Our currently accepted findings, histories of discussions leading to these results, open questions, and suggested modifications can be found on our encyclopedia at

A major goal of this project is to develop and implement a workable database for the integrated history and philosophy of science (&HPS). In this sense, the project seeks to parallel achievements such as the Database of Religious History and SESHAT Global History Databank. Completing this task and facilitating a Big-Data approach to HPS requires various tasks to be accomplished in tandem: developing a general framework of the various kinds of entities, relations, and practices that are involved in the process of scientific change; understanding how to measure and identify such categories in the historical record; and resolving philosophical and technical issues concerning data production, cultivation, and presentation.

In this two-day winter school (February 19-20, 2024), we aim to provide a detailed account of our workflow and an overview of the current status of the project, discuss some of its practical and theoretical challenges as an approach to integrated HPS, and highlight some of the community’s recent advancements.

The winter school will be followed by a three-day workshop (February 21-23, 2024) where a number of suggested modifications to the body of currently accepted scientonomic knowledge will be discussed in detail with the goal of reaching a communal consensus.

We welcome participation from all interested in the project for the winter school and/or the workshop. We are especially welcoming of those with shared interests in HPS, conceptual and/or practical issues in databases, and intellectual historians. Please feel free to contact us (email below) for some light materials that might aid in preparation for the workshop if you are unable to join the winter school.

Both the winter school and the workshop will be run in a hybrid format.

Organizing Committee
Hakob Barseghyan – University of Toronto
Deivide Garcia da S. Oliveira – Federal University of Sergipe
Jamie Shaw – Leibniz University Hannover

Centro de Filosofia das Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (CFCUL)


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