Comunicação Internacional
An Externalist Conception of Subjective Degrees of Belief
Seminário Permanente de Filosofia das Ciências
Organização:  CFCUL
27 / 10 / 2020

According to the information-theoretic account of belief and knowledge (Stampe 1979, Dretske 1981, Stalnaker 1984, Millikan 1989), the content of these propositional attitudes is determined by the extent to which an agent’s belief states carry information about her environment. In this talk I propose two natural extensions of the information-theoretic account: to an externalist account of subjective degrees of belief and to an account of epistemic normativity.
I will show some of the predictions of these extensions of the information-theoretic account with respect to the status of epistemic norms such as the truth norm of belief, the knowledge norm of belief, the enkratic principle and their credal correlates. Along the way I will flag some aspects in which these extensions of the information-theoretic account are presumably idealized and suggest ways of making them more realistic.

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