Rehearsals Of Shared Encounters For Improvising A Public Square
Alexander Gerner, Ljiljana Cavic
Organização:  ULisboa e UFRN 
18 / 11 / 2021

Rehearsals of shared encounters is an improvisational, ad-hoc strategy that proposes the use of minimal formal and material effort for designing incomplete scenographies for social encounters. The strategy articulates several levels of contemporary public space agenda such as shared co-creation, individual repositioning, improvisation technology and green solutions. It tackles different levels, relationships, applications and outputs that shared encounters have in the realm of Public Square.
As an improvisational strategy, Rehearsals of shared encounters proposes a creation of a textbook (2), in form of open-ended theoretical, practical and design rehearsals inspired by theatre scripts (3) without a fixed material output. The process of improvisation is a goal per se. This exploratory work introduces a platform (4), which puts together a repository of existing shared co-creation solutions with a set of authors’ proposals that render the nature of the Rehearsals of shared encounters evident as social processes not as final products.
Through several situations of shared encounters, the paper explores notions of rehearsal and improvisation as a generative process for public square theories and praxis.

13:30 – 14:00, horas de Lisboa
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