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Born on the 04.06.1970 in Friedrichshafen, is a theatre director /playright and researcher in philosophy. Currently (2/2013-) he holds a FCT Post-Doc grant with his research project “Philosophy of Cognitive Enhancement” at the Centre of Philosophy of Science at the Science Faculty of the University of Lisbon (supervisor Prof. Nuno Nabais). Philosophy of Cognitive Enhancement (PCE) deals with issues in relation to philosophy of health and medical humanities, philosophical anthropology, the philosophy of biomedical sciences including (Neuro-)Pharmacology and the Philosophy of (Neuro-) Cognitive Sciences: PCE provides a common framework for an epistemology, ethics and a philosophy of human technology and its social and political assessment.

In his multimedia theatre project Cut (1999) AG studied the “problem of perception” in the sense of the tension in between the real body its skin and the assumed identity in the tension of the material body/ virtual body. Since 2000, he works in collaboration exploring processes of search/discovery and creativity (as in Lost&Found. A office of search”) in art and science. The project on Peirce´s abduction and the processes of scientific discovery brought him back to studying semiotics and pragmatics, and his research on attention gave way to a PhD with a FCT grant (2005-2009). “Philosophical Investigation on Attention”. He concluded his PhD on the 29th of May 2012 with a degree in History and Philosophy of Science at the Faculty of Scicenes of the University of Lisbon. Moreover he is a current member of the research Project “Cognitive Foundation of the Self” at the IFL, New University of Lisbon where he recently co-organized the workshop on “Altered Self and Altered Self Experience”, and has made part of the Project “Image in Science and Art”(2006-2009) coordinated by Prof. Olga Pombo in which he focused on Diagrammatology and philosophical issues of Neuroaesthetics. In 2011 he was the recipient of a Study fellowship at CASBS (Stanford University) on Cognitive (Neuro-) Sciences and the Humanities.



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Philosophy of Cognitive Enhancement, Philosophy of Attention, (Neuro-)ethics and (Neuro-)aesthetics, Philosophy of the (social) Self and Altered Self Experience, Philosophy of integrative Medicine, Diagrammatology and Diagram Praxis: Maps, cognitive systems in science & art, Philosophy of Gesture, gestures in cinema and performing arts, Philosophy of Technology and human techniques, Philosophy of cinema and cinematic experience,

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