Comunicação Internacional
Hacking into EU Green Deal by Green City Ethics and Philosophy of Human technology: The quest of designing and Building democratic green, ethical Neighborhoods (beyond greenwashing)
Organização:  ULisboa e UFRN 
17 / 11 / 2021

To heed the importance of conflicts, scales, and hacking for ethical and cultural intelligent applications beyond the mere technologically smart dream of intelligent cities in building green neighborhoods, this paper explores the following issues: How can we combine green ethics with a new EU human rights framework? This paper introduces green neighborhood ethics between ville and cité (Sennett), the focus on how to experience alterity against living in closed wealthy and smart eco-niches (“green-blue box effects”) of the same. On the European level, a significant contribution today is introduced by Ferdinand von Schirach’s (2021) international call for a European constitutional convent to add to the 2012 Charter of the fundamental rights of the European Union due to climate change and new revolutionary developments in the realm of digital technology. The first new right is explicitly a right to live in an environment that is healthy and protected. The first step to a heed culture of the Green Deal and its architectural and urban democratic design in the line of a democratically extended is a legally strengthened green ethical New European Bauhaus.

17:00 – 17:30, horas de Lisboa
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