Comunicação Internacional
Musical-social resonance diagrams of silence
Organização:  Anthony Faramelli (Goldsmith University London)
17 / 06 / 2022

The paper “Musical-social resonance diagrams of silence” rethinks Deligny´s wandering lines gestures with psychosocial war/peace field cartography switch of landscape phenomenology (Kurt Lewin 1917), and imaginary social vectors of the other´s gaze (Guterstam et al.:2019) by asking the following question: What can we find out about social resonances of lignes d’erre—‘wander lines’—as described by Deligny about trajectories traced by autistic children when linked to music and silence? This paper handles social resonance wandering and resonating lines, diagrams & maps starting with the phenomenological field based on Kurt Lewin’s first approach of phenomenal topological psychology from 1917 in which a switch appears from peace to a champ de bataille cartography. Lewin, K. (1917) double notion of phenomenology of landscape introduces the attentional imagination of wandering eye vectors of the other imagined as “emitting” force or light: Do eyes resonate and even emit vectors of force/light in a social champ de bataille? Could it be possible that a special force by which our eyes wander by our gaze affects social space as recently, investigated (Guterstam et al.:2019) and applied to difference of human gaze to the Avatar gaze (Gerner 2022 forthcoming)?

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