Quantum Connections Platform at PQI
Alexander Gerner, Pieter Vermaas
Organização:  PQI – Portuguese Quantum Institute e QDNL – Quantum Delta NL
Academia das Ciências, Lisboa e Videoconferência
07 / 11 / 2023

Quantum Connections is a forward-thinking platform that acts as a dynamic agorá for discussion and debate, with a focus on exploring how quantum communication technology might reshape human interactions and create new technological advanced communities worldwide. Our aim is to examine and understand the transformative potential of quantum technologies, particularly within the context of the Global South, and to actively participate in shaping a future where the quantum internet and quantum media play central roles.

Quantum Connections is hosted by the Portuguese Quantum Institute. Portugal, being one of the geographic and cultural interfaces of Europe with the Global South, can participate in sharing quantum communication technology globally, by extending the European quantum internet to parts of the Global South. This opportunity also defines the responsibility to explore the transformative powers of this sharing and finding futures communities want.

Defining the Platform: Quantum Connections is more than just a think tank; it is a space that promotes collaboration and sharing of ideas among diverse individuals from different sectors, regions, and disciplines. It is a dynamic ecosystem where thought and praxis leaders, practitioners, scholars, and visionaries converge to explore the profound implications of quantum technologies and their impact on communication, economy, culture, values, politics and development.

Key Questions and Areas of Focus:
At Quantum Connections, we recognize that the quantum internet has immense potential to bring about significant changes. Our discussions and meetings revolve around a multitude of thought-provoking questions and thematic areas for example:
1. Economic Development and Inequality:
– How can the Global South leverage quantum internet and quantum media to drive economic growth, foster innovation, and enhance productivity?
– What challenges and opportunities does the Global South face in participating in the global quantum economy?
– How can the quantum internet contribute to reducing poverty, ensuring food security, and lowering unemployment in the Global South?
2. Social and Cultural Diversity:
– In what ways can the quantum internet respect and honor the rich cultural diversity and identities of the Global South’s inhabitants?
– How can the quantum internet become a catalyst for promoting social justice, human rights, and democracy in the region?
– How can we empower women, youth, and marginalized groups to harness quantum technologies for their benefit?
3. Scientific and Technological Advancement:
– What strategies should the Global South adopt to develop its quantum information and communication technology (QICT) workforce and infrastructure?
– What opportunities does the quantum internet offer for scientific research and technological advancement in the Global South?
– How can the Global South collaborate with Europe and other regions in advancing quantum technologies and building a sustainable quantum ecosystem?

A participação no evento é gratuita mas carece de inscrição

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