The mad vectors on a witch’s broom or the contemporary urgency of believing in this world
Organização:  Madnicity World 
Madnicity Pavilion, Ilha de San Servolo, Veneza
23 / 04 / 2022

The concept of “crisis” has become the most chirurgical diagnosis of the contemporary world. Crisis is global. It is transversal to nature, to climate, to politics, to economy, to society, and to the individual. Even desire is in crisis. Savage capitalism, media, and pandemic are the great catalyzers of this situation as they led people to enter a kind of amnesia or mental lock-down. We lost connection to the world. To life. To vitalism! Global uniformized solitude, standardized disconnection.
In my talk, I will bring into discussion Deleuze’s critical and clinical program as a new perspective of the world. There, the artist is a fabulator, he has visions and auditions of the cosmic forces, he has an intensive connection to the world’s vibration, to magic and to dream. The artist is the one who is able to intensively enter the affects, to create the zero-degree of the world, a previous state of reality, before all the differentiation between normality and madness, a state where one rejoins the world, mixes with nature, becomes-animal, plant, or rock. In the end, only art can save us all!

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