We are Climate Theatre! Hacking the Future of Planetary Humanity by Complexity Dramaturgies and Genres of the Imagination
2022-23 PhDCS Doctoral Research Workshop "The future of Complex Systems Science"
Organização:  Doctoral Programme in Complexity Sciences, ISCTE-IUL/FCUL
ISCTE, Auditório C103
25 / 10 / 2022

This talk proposes an improvisational, turbulence-driven, ad-hoc strategy of a diagonal open- (ended) thinking collective (“The Congress”- in the continuation of J.L. Borges) with the dramaturgic use of genres of the imagination of terrestrial materials: dramaturgies of complex relations of earthlings in our imaginative (critical) zones. The climate crisis can only be overcome together – but what this “together” means is still unclear: I start with the problem of the sand commons and reflections on sand and move on to Hacking into the (EU) Green deal neighborhood greenwashing, renewing European rights for a sustainable way of life (v.Schirach 2021), Heiner Müller, Michel Serres, Alexander Kluge, the movie adaption of the book of Jeff VanderMeer “Annihilation” of area X, and Bruno Latour (2017) with his terrestrial manifest who forces us to think “Down to earth” as if being stuck in spaces of confinement, differences of scales that are neither local nor global, social issues of the planet Earth. Ecological problems are hacked into from the perspective of social justice and soil justice (Jochen Vogel 2019), beyond gentrification and greenwashing neighborhoods (Gerner upcoming), and the need to activate forms of imagination such as theater, cinema, games, and media strategies among other dramaturgies.

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