Bolsa de Investigação Pós-Doutoral
02 / 05 / 2023 - 29 / 05 / 2023

1 Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship is open within the Exploratory Project PHI-ASM -Philosophical Investigation of Applications of Science in Mathematics (2022.06784.PTDC, P.I. Daniele Molinini), funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Portugal, under the following conditions:

1. Scientific Area: Philosophy of Physics or Philosophy of Mathematics

2. Requirements for admission:
a) To hold a PhD degree obtained in the three years prior to the date of submission of the application for the fellowship;
b) Post-doctoral research is carried out in a different host entity from the one where the research work that led to the attribution of PhD degree was carried out.

3. Additional optional skills and qualifications: Ideal candidates are philosophers of physics or mathematics with a strong background in physics and mathematics. Knowledge of the applicability problem of mathematics in the empirical sciences and debates on the status of symmetries and conservation laws is not mandatory but highly desired.

4. Contracting requirements: Presentation of the academic qualifications and/or diplomas.

5. Work plan:  The successful candidate will work in Lisbon within the PHI ASM project (for a description of the project see: The main goal of his/her research, which will be carried out in collaboration with the other members of the project, will be to provide an answer to the following question: Do conservation laws hold in virtue of mathematics alone? In order to answer this question, the successful candidate will revise the available literature in philosophy of physics that addresses the purported mathematical or physical status of conservation laws. Moreover, he/she will complement this literature by using works that are not philosophical but come from mathematics and physics. Work on closely related topics and issues would also be welcome. The successful candidate is expected to produce (at least) one article in a top-quality peer-reviewed international journal in philosophy of science. Moreover, he/she is expected to give (at least) one presentation in an international conference.

The call is open until May 29, 2023.

Information and contacts:

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