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Lisbon Emergence Workshop
17 / 10 / 2019 - 19 / 10 / 2019
Lisbon Emergence Workshop
Organização: David Yates, Gil Santos
Orador: Carl Gillett, Benj Hellie, Robin Hendry, Paul Humphreys, William Jaworski, Eleanor Knox, Anna Marmodoro, Sandra Mitchell, Michael Silberstein, Alastair Wilson, Jessica Wilson

Positive characterisations of emergence tend to focus on the causal or qualitative novelty of dependent properties in relation to the physical states upon which they depend. Metaphysicians attempting to make sense of emergence have traditionally concluded that there are certain kinds of novelty—particularly novel causal powers—that would rule out physical realization, and more generally, any kind of physical grounding. For this reason, strong emergence has been viewed with suspicion. Recently, however, the orthodoxy according to which strong emergence and realization are incompatible has come under pressure from a range of sources. Philosophers of physics and biology, for instance, draw attention to case studies in which it seems we get strong kinds of dependent novelty or autonomy without ruling out physical grounding. Within metaphysics too there is renewed interest in the development of ways of making sense of dependent novelty without the mystery of traditional strong emergence, for instance neo-Aristotelian theories that focus on the roles of structure and form. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together leading experts on emergence, from the philosophy of the physical sciences, and both ancient and contemporary metaphysics, to explore old and new perspectives on the relationship between emergence, realization and novelty.

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