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Descrição do Projecto

Recently, the tight connection between rationality and the relation of logical consequence has been subject to a renewed interest. Current research on this connection revolves around the identification of the true “bridge principles” connecting claims of logical consequence with normative claims concerning what to believe. This question is itself part of a broader research topic, to wit, what is an acceptable theory of logical consequence, belief, obligation and their interaction. This is the main question to be addressed by our project. We will start from the idea that belief states are topic-sensitive in order to propose and defend a new logical theory about belief, epistemic rationality, logical consequence and their interaction. In addition, we intend to unravel the consequences of this theory regarding the question whether there is one or instead many relations of logical consequence.

Instituição de Acolhimento

CFCUL; Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy - Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitaet-Muenchen

Instituições Participantes

CFCUL; Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy - Ludwig-Maximilian-Universitaet-Muenchen