Projecto Financiado Internacional (concluído)

Dinâmicas do conhecimento na área das ciências sociais: abdução, intuição e invenção

Knowledge dynamics in the field of social sciences: abduction, intuition and invention

Investigador Principal
Olga Pombo \ GI3 - Filosofia da Tecnologia, Ciências Humanas, Arte e Sociedade
Francisco Salguero \ Universidade de Sevilha

2011 - 2013

Descrição do Projecto

Knowledge Representation must take account of a not very developed aspect in the theories about acquisition, transmission and manipulation of knowledge: dynamicity. The logical models for cognition must be dynamic instead of static as it is usual in computing when they deal with closed data-bases and apply classical deductive logics to them in order to extract different kind of inferences off those data without considering enrichment or change. To get that we are searching about how Dynamic Epistemic Logic can offer a frame to represent common knowledge for a set of agents who interact in a social group, its acquisition and its enrichment. We will also develop decision procedures and the generation of the contexts for interpretation by means of the application of abductive logics and semantic tableaux (namely DB-tableaux) in a Game Theory Semantics framework (GTS), leading us to an abductive model for invention and for intuition in the development of scientific theories in the field of social sciences. We will also study the application of abductive processes and dynamic models to diagrammatic thought, the phenomena of emergency in social sciences and the intuitive and fictional processes for the generation of complex concepts and theories.

Instituições Participantes

CFCUL; Grupo de Lógica, Lenguaje y Información (GILLIUS) da Universidade de Sevilha


CRUP - Acções Integradas Luso-Espanholas
Financiamento atribuído: 6.000